planetsun - the kepler problem in 3d
java applet
jplanetsun is an interactive java applet which implements the solution of the two-body-problem. The applet uses the small sized 3d plugin blaxxun3d which enables interactive 3d scenes in html pages. The 3D scene was constructed by writing a simple VRML text file (using a VRML node subset as proposed by the new X3D standard) which was postprocessed by a blaxxun-program to reduce size to a minimum.
Currently, the applet doesn't fully exhaust the possibilities of 3d, since the viewport cannot be changed. But with this fixed perspective, the ellipse character of the planet and sun trajectories are best visible.

Download of the source code: (79kB)

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planetsun - the kepler problem in 3d is a bitsoup project
last modified: 2007 JUL 21
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