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jul 21 2007let me introduce my brothers fine wine bar in Königs Wusterhausen, near to Berlin: Weinladen am Kanal
jul 12 2007removed the link to which somehow transformed to a porn site (noodles, well, that's an interesting fetish!)
nov 29 2004yast - yet another soup test! Kimchimat by billy
feb 19 2004added the new soupgrrl icon (drawn by sib - thanks and love!)
feb 09 2004added the link to
feb 09 2004another soup test of Ansungtangmyun by clemens
jun 01 2003added the link to
mar 31 2003uploaded soup test Saeng Saeng Udon
mar 10 2003more and better css usage...
mar 02 2003design modifications on the planetsun-section
feb 17 2003added email spam protection (via javascript)
feb 05 2003Minor design modifiation (soup icon) and css bugfixing.
jan 28 2003uploaded links-page for the planetsun project.
jan 19 2003uploaded soup test Ansungtangmyun
dec 15 2002finally, the first version of launched. Pueh!
dec 01 2002uploaded soup link page Suppen-Links
nov 24 2002uploaded soup test Mi Chay Nam Huong
nov 24 2002uploaded soup test Mi Chay La Bo De
oct 26 2002uploaded soup test Mie Keriting Goreng Spesial (danke Thomas!)
sep 29 2002Various code and design improvements (towards a html4/strict.dtd ...)
sep 27 2002uploaded soup test Fragezeichensuppe
sep 27 2002planet-f becomes a bitsoup sub-project (finally ...).
may 29 2002uploaded soup test Mama Tom Yum
may 05 2002relaunch of planet-f.
feb 24 2002uploaded soup thumbnail table (slowly becoming familiar with the potential of XSLT)
feb 18 2002uploaded first version of freshly renovated soup pages. Now with rating system!
jan 13 2002uploaded soup test Top Ramen Huhn
nov 05 2001uploaded soup test Mama Nam Vang
sep 17 2001added the automatic redirect from (r.i.p.!) to
sep 17 2001uploaded soup test Shin Ramyun
jul 22 2001uploaded the first version of
may 19 2001some design modifications for jplanetsun
apr 26 2001uploaded another soup test for Chapaghetti
apr 26 2001uploaded new soup test Tom Yam Koong
apr 02 2001uploaded the first version of the interactive planetsun java applet
jan 15 2001uploaded new soup test Palo-Ente
jan 02 2001uploaded new planetsun version 1.01 which fixes a timing problem
oct 29 2000uploaded new soup test Champong Noodles
oct 02 2000uploaded new soup test Mama Yentafo
aug 11 2000uploaded new soup test Tom Yum Flavour
jul 22 2000uploaded new soup test Kung Fu Zwiebelsuppe
jul 02 2000uploaded new soup test Neoguri Mild Seafood
mai 24 2000uploaded new soup test A-One Vegetable Soup
mai 14 2000uploaded new soup test Mama Mien Vegetable Soup
mai 07 2000uploaded new soup test Mi Goreng Fried Noodles
apr 29 2000uploaded new planetsun windows executable INCLUDING the necessary glut32.dll
apr 29 2000uploaded new soup test Kimchi Ramen
apr 24 2000uploaded the planetsun source code
apr 14 2000uploaded new soup test Wonton Algenmatsch
apr 09 2000uploaded new soup test Kailo Mushroom flavour + Improved Soup test navigation.
apr 01 2000uploaded new soup test YumYum Artifical duck flavour
apr 01 2000Finished the XML/XSL generation.
mar 23 2000uploaded the new XML/XSL generated planetsun layout
mar 21 2000uploaded the new XML/XSL generated soup test layout with navigation bars
feb 28 2000uploaded the soup test: mama rice clear soup
feb 18 2000uploaded the soup test: neo guri seafood
feb 07 2000uploaded the first version of planetsun
feb 05 2000uploaded the what's new page (this page actually)
jan 31 2000uploaded the soup test: pancit canton
jan 30 2000uploaded the soup test: demae ramen
jan 18 2000uploaded the first noudle soup test: chapaghetti
jan 17 2000announced the tuetensuppen im test project
jan 09 2000birth of the site, uploaded the planet-sun animated gif

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